Using the DM File Store Validator and Copier

First download it from the link above. Copy the files to wherever you want to run it, and run it - no installation required. You can even run it from a USB key if allowed.

Settings Sets

The first step is getting the settings right. For that you need to have worked out a View in SQL Server that pulls together the bits you need:

  • document number
  • version (if relevant)
  • file path
  • date last modified (optional)
  • file extension (optional, and only relevant to the Copier)

Then go to Manage Settings and fill the necessary bits in.

Tip 1: Initially enter a document number range that gives you just a few documents so you can test you have everything working right first.

Tip 2: set the "refresh screen every x documents" to about 5 for your initial testing, and then to about 50 for the Copier, or 500 (or more) for the Validator for the real runs.

Running it

Select the Settings Set, check you've followed tip 1 and 2, and click either the Find missing or zero byte files button or the Copy (and rename) files button..

If you're haven't bought a copy it will only process 16 documents. If you've purchased a license for the Validator that limit will be removed for the Validator, but the Copier button will still only allow you to copy 16 documents.

Logging and Errors

If all the settings are correct the Validator (or Copier) should run and if any problem files are found you'll find them listed in the Error log (go to the Error tab). The list to select from uses the date and time of the check (or copy) run to filter the problem documents. You can copy the list to Excel.

Also, for the Copier, the log file will contain an entry for every document with the full path of the copied file. This can then be used by the migration software if required.