Getting started options

The simplest way to get started is to tell us a bit about your migration using the form below, and then we go from there.

The free trial packages:

  • The SharePoint Online starter package leads you through setting up "things" ready to migrate the sample documents and metadata. You can then migrate it, revert it, tweak the data, and get a feel for how the tool works.
    No connection to SQL Server is needed as a pre-populated SQLite staging database is provided ready to go
  • The SharePoint On-Premise starter package requires bit more work from you - run the provided scripts to set up a migration database (with data) in SQL Server. You'll then be able to connect to it and run some sample migrations
  • Both starter packages include a fully functional migration tool so you can then connect it to your own DM database and migrate some real data
  • The free trial packages are limited to migrating 9 documents at a time
  • With the SharePoint Online Migrator there is an additional paid option where you can migrate up to 100 documents at a time.

The full products are unlimited and use a time based license. For more details see the pricing page.

Please fill in the form below to get access to the free trial, or to start a discussion about your migration requirements.

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Telling us your source and destination will help us determine what to send you
Columns, content types, library formats, Teams ... Some idea of how far along you are would be useful to know.
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