SharePoint design and usability

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  • The three (four, or is it five) major factors in SharePoint Design
  • Microsoft Teams & / or third-party Microsoft Office Add-Ins
  • Example designs
  • Implementation: Consultancy plus tools (note that folders and document sets are created with migration) tools

There are many ingredients to a SharePoint design – sites, libraries, document sets, folders, columns, content types, search, navigation, browser UI, third party tools, Office Add-Ins. Given these,:

  • how do you ensure documents are findable, fileable, shareable, securable, auditable … and usable?
  • what makes a design good or bad?
  • what are some of the traps to avoid?
  • test drive sample designs.

Tools and consultancy to help you choose a design that works for you. 

The three (four, or is it five) major factors in Design

  • Metadata
  • Structure
    • Security: while document level security is available when needed, overall security based on the hierarchical structure SharePoint is always best, so security is one of the drivers of structural design
  • User interfaces
  • (Search: while vitally important, as long as metadata, structure, and security are designed well, search can be improved over time

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User interfaces: Microsoft Teams & third-party Office Add-Ins

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Example designs

Projects, or legal matters:

  • Projects in document sets
  • Large projects in a library
  • Really large ones in a site
  • Good designs / Common bad designs / Sample designs 


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