Migration to SharePoint Online

Migrate your documents from traditional Document management systems like iManage, OpenText eDocs, etc to SharePoint Online with the Clockwork Migrator.

The Clockwork Migrator can:

  • migrate document versions, metadata & security
  • create and secure folders, document sets, libraries & sites
  • transform structure and metadata allowing you to reorganise as you migrate.

The Clockwork Migrator is:

  • optimised to use Microsoft best practices, uses the Microsoft’s migration APIs built into SPO, and leverages Microsoft Azure
  • also able to be used with almost any data source.

How fast is it?

There are two main parts in the Microsoft best practise approach to migration that we follow:

  1. Uploading the files into Azure storage. The best approach depends on how many files you have and how fast your internet connection is
  2. Moving them into SharePoint: for this we use Microsoft's SharePoint Online Migration API which is capable of speeds of up to 250GB per day in off-peak times (weekends and evenings).

If you have a few hundred GB then you can probably look at doing the job over a weekend. More than that and you will need to stage it.

Data sources and the “Staging Database”

The Migrator uses a staging database to hold and manage the data through the migration processes.

Traditional DM systems: to migrate from IManage, OpenText eDocs, and other SQL based DM system, create Views (queries) in SQL Server. The Migrator will then import  the View data into the staging database ready for migration.

Other sources: you can migrate from other sources by creating an adaptor to put data into the staging database.

Who should use it

  • Organisations with some database (SQL) ability
  • Vendors with an expertise in moving their customers to SharePoint.