Migrating to SharePoint from iManage

The migration tools (both on premise and online) take SQL data and migrate it to SharePoint. So the key to migrating from iManage, or any system, is to transform the source data into that standard structure.

In the past I supplied three things:

  1. a simple example DM database with some Shakespeare plays and a SharePoint library template. These could be set up quite quickly to prove the environment was OK and that the basic requirements would work
  2. standard SQL scripts designed for iManage that could have parameters tweaked (database name, file paths, etc) and would be quickly ready to migrate some documents with some basic metadata
  3. information, including example SQL, about how to extend this to capture more metadata and security

While relatively simple, it still often took more work to get going that I'd like. So I am improving the above and am very close to having a much simpler approach ready. This will include a set up tool that automates much of the above.