Setting up to Migrate to SharePoint from iManage FileSite, OpenText eDocs, and HummingBird DM4-6

The migration tools (both on premise and online) have been designed to read SQL Views containing document information and migrate the referenced documents to SharePoint.

The migration tool for On-Premise SharePoint reads the view at migration time, while the tool for SharePoint Online reads the view data into an SQLite "staging" database.

Setting up the SQL

Best practise is to set up a new "Migration" database in the same instance as the iManage, eDocs, or other DM database on SQL Server. Views are created in the "Migration" database that reference the data in the DM database (you should only need read permissions to the live DM database).

[[If you have the resources, taking a backup of the DM database and restoring it to a test server and using that is even better practise]]

We have sample views that can easily be adapted to get a basic migration going from iManage or eDocs very quick - by "basic" I mean for each document version metadata would include creation and last edit users and dates and some basic metadata.

Setting up file access

In your view above you will have columns specifying the path of each document version. You will need to ensure the migration tool has access to the files over some file or UNC path and update the View data to use this.

iManage basic SQL

(coming soon)

eDocs basic SQL

(coming soon)