From SharePoint to SharePoint

SharePoint 2013 (or 2010) to SharePoint Online

Clockwork uses the Microsoft SPO Migration Tool (and associated PowerShell) when migrating from SharePoint 2013 (and now 2010 is in public preview - September 2019) to SharePoint Online.

Clockwork’s own migration tools target the traditional DM vertical, and Clockwork doesn’t compete with Microsoft where they have developed their own tools. BTW, the Microsoft tool actually uses the same API that the Clockwork tools use, so we know how it thinks.


  • Clockwork can do all the work, but we prefer to get you started and upskill your staff
  • How much will the migration cost? Complexity, size, and organisational readiness all impact on cost:
    • If you have millions of documents think weeks, if a few 10s of thousands then maybe a week
    • The best way to find out for sure is to
      • run the SharePoint Migration Readiness Assessment Tool and see what it says - it may take several days but will give some ideas of the major issues you could face
      • do a small scoping exercise (~2 days). If it’s simple clear costings will emerge, if not, then we try and identify the low hanging fruit and usually suggest further consultancy to clarify the remainder
    • Note: the 80-20 ‘rule’ often applies – 80% of the documents will migrate quite easily. And if your team are involved then once the 80% is done, they will have learnt enough by then to take care of the more difficult 20%.

In-place upgrades between SharePoint On-Premise versions

An in-place upgrade is usually done between adjacent versions of  on-premise SharePoint - 2010 --> 2013, 2013 --> 2016, 2016 >> 2019.

It involves picking up the content database from the earlier version of SharePoint and dropping it into the Farm of the newer version. Then an upgrade process is run.

Of course there is more to it than that and a number of things to watch out for, but we can help get you started, or take it all the way through.