Can I use hard spaces or non breaking spaces in AutoCorrect?

Yes. You can use all sorts of special characters - carats, umlauts, macrons, even special symbols. However the acronym itself should be plain text.

What about other characters and symbols?

Yes, you can use all sorts of characters, even symbols from the special characters list - umlauts, ticks. The only thing you have to be careful of is when you select special characters that belong to a specific font. In those cases if your document has the wrong font the symbol may appear as a small rectangle.

Is capitalisation relevant with AutoCorrect acronyms?

Be careful with it. We have had mixed results with it so best to enter all acronyms as lower case.

AutoCorrect, AutoText, and AutoFormat

The answer to this got a bit long so it has its own page here.

What language is this "acl" file?

If you click on the AutoCorrect Manager's "About Languages" button you can enter the number (for mso1033.acl enter 1033) and find out. Or you can go to the list of languages and numbers in the Microsoft Website document List of supported locale identifiers in Word .

Running the AutoCorrect Manager on Windows 8

If you are running the ACM on Windows 8 - Word 2007 or 2010 - you might find it doesn't automatically start when you open the ACM document (AutoCorrectManager1_3.docm), and clicking on the "Run AutoCorrect Manager" button doesn't work either. In this case it may well be that you need to put the ACM in its own folder and tell Word to "trust" that folder. Under "Options" in the "Trust Center Settings" there is an option for adding "Trusted locations". Add your folder there and you will probably find it starts working. If it doesn't, go back in and check that setting your folder as trusted worked - it might not the first time you do it.

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