About Clockwork Software

Michael Hirst, Director

Michael Hirst

Michael Hirst, Clockwork Software's head thinker

I've worked with companies from 20 to 20,000 employees as they think about SharePoint, put a toe in the water, get serious about design, implement (and migrate) to Document Management in SharePoint.

  • My bread and butter for the last 20 years has been document management, and for the last 10 it has been document management for SharePoint – mainly design, setup, and migration
  • For 6 of those years I worked with MacroView as a Senior Consultant setting up SharePoint document management for their clients around the globe. This took my design skills to another level, and gave me a great appreciation for their product offerings … which I like a lot!
  • I have also written (and sell) tools for some of the migration and setup scenarios not well covered by other options. In particular migration from traditional document management systems to SharePoint.

The tools have now migrated many, many, millions of documents from traditional document management systems like OpenText and iManage to SharePoint - 2013 & 2016 mostly, but with a growing demand for SharePoint Online.

My customers are spread around the globe – Australia & New Zealand, USA, UK, Europe, South Africa etc – so I am very used to using online meetings effectively and remote access to implement solutions.

Clockwork Software Pty Ltd:

  • Formed 2008
  • Directors: 1 (Michael Hirst)
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Address: PO Box A1179, Sydney South, NSW 1235, Australia
  • ABN: 16130167636
  • Email: michael@clockworksoftware.com.au
  • Phone: +61 404 272 050