Migrate your documents to SharePoint

Migrate your documents, versions and metadata from traditional SQL based Document Management Systems like OpenText eDocs & iManage to SharePoint Online and OnPremise:

  • From iManage, OpenText, Documentum, FileNet and other traditional document management systems
  • Designs for metadata and structure... to ensure documents are findable, fileable, shareable, securable, auditable ... and usable!
  • Provision (create structure) on the fly
  • Validate source and destination files
  • Tools and expertise to help you get it done right.

We can do it all if you want, but we prefer to help your staff get going and then step back and provide support when you need it. Your call.


  • Migrating to SharePoint Online: The Clockwork Migrator is designed for SQL Server based DM systems, but with its SQLite staging database quite capable of migrating from pretty much anything
  • Migrating to SharePoint On-Premise: The Clockwork Migration Tool for SharePoint On-Premise has been steadily migrating away for almost a decade
  • For On-premise to On-premise we look at upgrading the content databases.
  • For On-Premise (2010, 2013) to SharePoint Online we use a combination of our tools for provisioning and setup, and Microsoft's own SharePoint Online Migration Tool

Michael Hirst

Michael Hirst, Clockwork Software's head thinker

Michael has worked with companies with from 20 to 20,000 employees as they think about SharePoint, put a toe in the water, get serious about design, implement (and migrate) to Document Management in SharePoint.